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Our canine guests stay in their own climate controlled indoor/outdoor space with fresh water, a soft bed, and toys of the owners choosing. 

Our feline guests stay in a spacious condo either in our office where they receive copious amounts of attention or in a more private room with a view of the outdoors where they can sunbathe and watch the birds fly by. 

We utilize a UV filtration system that ensures fresh, purified air is constantly circulating through the facility. 

We serve FROMM, a premium dog food to all our canine guests and Diamond Naturals to our feline guests.

If your pet has special dietary needs, or you prefer a certain type of pet food, you are welcome to bring your pet’s food from home. We have a refrigerator and a microwave available to help meet each pets feeding requirements.

We administer medication at no additional charge, however, if your pet requires medication involving a needle/syringe, we recommend boarding at your vet.

We provide comfortable bedding and toys for your pet at no extra charge. Beds, toys, and treats are all welcomed from home but please do not bring anything you could not stand to have lost or destroyed because the kennel cannot be responsible for lost or destroyed (or chewed!) bedding/toys. Please label all items that you bring (i.e. bedding, food containers, toys, etc.) in order to help staff return them to the rightful owner at the end of your pet's stay. 

Country walks are $8.00 and consists of 15-20 minutes leash led activities on the grounds ranging from a brisk walk down the driveway to a swim in the cool creek.

*$5.00 for each additional family member
Group Play:
Group play is $10.00 and before participating in our group play your dog will undergo a formal assessment process to determine if group play would be an enjoyable activity. After speaking with the pet parent and completing the assessment, a Crikett Lane trained staff member will make the final determination. We are careful to pair similar sized dogs that have similar play styles in the same group. We have several play areas for the dogs. We also have a secure, small dog play area as well as a large dog play area. Group playtime lasts anywhere from 30 minutes up to 1 hour depending on the day, the dog, and the group dynamic. 

Private play: 
Some dogs do not prefer the company of other dogs or do not play well with others, therefore, we offer private playtime in any of our play areas. This is one on one time with our staff where they can play ball, romp to their heart's content, or splash in the cool creek waters. Private playtime lasts 20-30 minutes and is $10.00.

Movie Night: 
Our Enrichment Center next door has a completely furnished apartment upstairs including couches and a huge TV. We are now happy to offer special nights where your dog can join our family and staff for an evening of entertainment and relaxation while watching a dog favorite movie and enjoying some "Pupcorn" or "Frosty Paws" doggie ice cream! Even if your dog isn't a fan of the movie we bet the snuggles and home like setting will be relaxing! Movie night will be scheduled as staff are available and is $10.00. Ask us at drop off when we are offering it that week and we'll sign your dog up.
$5.00 for each additional family member.

Any dog staying seven nights or longer will receive a complimentary bath before leaving. Bathed dogs will be ready after 12:00 p.m. unless otherwise arranged. Bathing is available for any dog staying six nights or less for an additional charge. See our rates page for pricing details.

Crikett Lane's K-9 Enrichment DayCamp 
We know your dog is a member of your family and they deserve the highest level of quality care. Just like a child's daycare we want to provide safe, structured play, exercise, and socialization to stimulate the physical, emotional, mental, social, and instinctive needs of your canine family member. From Group Play, brain games, scent work, story time, and rest we will treat your dog to a fun-filled, enriching day! 
Benefits for your dog include:
  • Become more confident around dogs and people.
  • Stay more physically fit.
  • Learn more positive behavior.
  • Have a daily "job".
  • Assist in basic training.
  • Become more calm and relaxed during down time.
All of these benefits can go a long way towards eliminating problem behavior like anxiety, over-excitement, and reactivity. 

Who is eligible to enroll in our Enrichment DayCamp?
  • Socialized dogs who are comfortable being around and playing with other dogs.
  • Dogs who are not food aggressive around people or other dogs.
  • Dogs weighing no less than 10 lbs and no more than 80 lbs.
  • Have been neutered or spayed.
  • Are between 3 months - 12 years old.
  • Who successfully pass the Camp Assessment Meet and Greet. 
Missy Toler is the groomer at Crikett Lane and works out of the Enrichment Center next door.  She has over 17 years experience and is a certified professional all breed pet stylist with knowledge in every breed specific haircut. 

Missy does her own scheduling and can be reached at the shop at 865-977-6222 for pricing, to make an appointment or for any other questions. Please note, Missy cannot groom dogs over 50 pounds. When making payment for grooming please note Missy takes cash or checks only.
Shane Hawkins from Troubledtotrained.com is now available for training sessions on Wednesdays only. Call our office to schedule or if you have any questions.
*Puppy and Beginner Class:
1 hour session ($95)
~Introduces basic cues like sit, come  and stay
~Basic manners
~Take it, leave it and drop it 
*Your Dog Can Earn a Certificate of Completion
Completion should take 3-5 classes
Advanced Show Dog:
1 hour session ($95)
~Advanced tricks and commands that will impress those who meet your dog.
Private Class:
1 hour session ($95)
30 min session ($55)
~One on one training with you, your dog and our trainer.
Troubled Behavior:
1 hour session ($95)
~Solve trouble behavior such as: biting, barking, aggression, or bad manners.

If you are unable to stay for the training session, Daycare is available for an additional $15.
These sessions are also available for our boarders.